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TheraPearl Pals – Hot & Cold Therapy Review

Summer is well and truly on its way now and if last year was anything to go by then we are in for a lot more bumps and bruises now! With the hot weather we tend to get out a lot more and inevitably that means there are more accidents where children hurt themselves while playing. It happened to D a lot last summer (the sun seems to bring out his clumsy side!) so when I was contacted about TheraPearl Pals which are little animal shaped hot or cold therapy packs which are perfect for children I knew it was something that we needed to try!

TheraPearl Pals Instructions

TheraPearl Pals are designed with children in mind. They are little animal shapes hot or cold pads which can either be frozen in the freezer ready to be used as an ice pack or they can be heated in the microwave and used as a heat pad. The TheraPearl Pals have little pearl type squishy beads inside which are various colours (to match whichever animal they are made to be). The pearls are designed to retain the hot or cold temperatures for Continue reading “TheraPearl Pals – Hot & Cold Therapy Review”

Bean and Boy Baby Soap and Lavender Soap Review & Giveaway

One thing you might not know about me is that I do have a teeny tiny  obsession with all things bath related that smell good! I am not kidding. I have an extensive range of my favourite products which I rotate depending on the time of year, my mood and if I want an extra special relaxing bath (that one happens so rarely!). When it comes to soaps, shampoo’s and other bathing products I struggle with not getting more all the time.

One of the things I have struggled with over the last 4 years is finding good quality soaps and products which I can use on D. He does love smelling all the goodies hidden in my bathroom cupboard but he can’t use any of them! He has very sensitive skin and has done since he was born. Many of the soaps and products made for babies and children make his skin break out or make him uncomfortable with itching or other symptoms. In fact we have only ever came across one or two ranges of products which don’t! That is why when I was contacted by Bean and Boy about trying out their baby soap. I was delighted and really looked forward to the soap arriving! They did send me my own lavender soap which was perfect for me to try as I adore lavender!

Bean and Boy is a  family run business right here in the UK. Their journey to their natural handmade soaps all started when their daughter developed a mild form of eczema. They did a lot of researching and trialing soaps which would work for them all as a family. Through this process they did settle Continue reading “Bean and Boy Baby Soap and Lavender Soap Review & Giveaway”

29 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

29 Weeks Bump Shot Baby number 2

Baby –

At this stage a baby should weigh around about 2.5 pounds, we found out at our antenatal appointment that she is currently at 3 pounds which is a good weight and still around what she should be at this point. This week she measures up to be around the size of a butternut squash (15.25 inches). She starting to get pretty big in there and she’s going to be growing more rapidly now.  Continue reading “29 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2”

Ravensburger 60 Piece Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle Review

Ravensburger 60 piece Endangered Animals Giant Puzzle

I am not sure about everyone else but in our house we love doing puzzles! D has always taken a great interest in doing jigsaw puzzles from a young age, at the moment he probably does at least one every day or two. He is pretty good and I have started to find that he only needs help with big puzzles or with ones which are a bit more complex and have similar pictures on the pieces. Otherwise he can do it himself either after the first try with a little help or from the get go. When I was contacted about reviewing the Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger. I just had to say yes! It sounded perfect for us and D adores animals so I was pretty excited Continue reading “Ravensburger 60 Piece Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle Review”

28 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

28 Weeks Bump Shot Baby Number 2

This week marks the start of my third trimester! It really won’t be long before she is here with us.

Baby –

This week our baby girl should be about the same size as a Chinese cabbage(14.8 inches) and weighing around 2.25 pounds.

Now she has developed a much more regular routine of sleeping and being awake. She sleeps for around 20-30 minutes each cycle as she should be doing at this Continue reading “28 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2”

D at 4 Years Old

D is officially 4 years old, I have no idea how that has happened quite so quickly. It doesn’t feel like it was long ago that I was typing out D at 3 years old. This last year seems to have escaped us and so much has changed over that short period of time!

One of the really big things that has happened over the last year is that D started nursery! Late last August was his first day and honestly we got a bit worried in the run up that he would get over whelmed by it all. D has been an only child and we never really attended mother and toddler groups or anything of that nature. So going into a classroom for 3-4 hours a day with over 30 other people was daunting (to us!). D however took it in his stride and after his first day simply wanted to stay there forever! Continue reading “D at 4 Years Old”

My Sunday Photo – Around & Around

Around & Around - My Sunday Photo


27 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

27 weeks bump shot baby #2

Baby – 

This week baby is roughly the same size as a cauliflower (14.5 inches) and she now weighs about 2 pounds.

Our little girl now looks like a tiny, wrinkled version of what we Continue reading “27 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2”

25 & 26 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

25 weeks bump shot baby #2

25 Weeks

Baby –

Our little girl is measuring up to be about the size of a
rutabaga (13.5 inches) and she now weighs around 1.5 pounds. This week she is still becoming more proportionate with her limbs all starting to Continue reading “25 & 26 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2”

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