Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventues This Week #3

It’s been another week already? Where is all the time going in the run up to Christmas?

Well this week D turned 20 months, which you can read about here.

We also done a bit of retail therapy this week and D got a new toy. It’s a monkey! I’d like you all to meet ‘mine’. When we asked D what he was called this was the reply everytime.

We also learnt about autumn this week you can keep up to date on our projects page!

This week D rediscovered his mega blocks. He has now deveoped an obsession! They have been played with at least twice a day this week.

D has now got over his fear of water over his face. (doing a little dance) This is a massive achievement for us and bathtime isn’t a struggle anymore. D pours the water over himself and finds it hilarious.

All in all we had a fun week discovering and growing together.


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