Last week our Coconut Snowballs recipe was very popular, both in our house and by everyone reading along with us!

This week we are following a recipe! (This is quote rare for me usually I look up ingredients, put them in a bowl and hope for the best!) The recipe we are following is here.  It is how ever not very gingery so I would recommend adding an extra  spoon of ginger to the recipe.


Most of the actual mixing of the ingredients is done in a food processor, however you could do this by hand it will just take more time. We did use a food processor to mix everything, I did this part alone, but after it was mixed D and Daddy really had fun helping me to knead the dough and wrap it up ready to go in the fridge for 15 minutes.


I have to say this week was lot more hands on, D loved getting his hands into the dough and poking and prodding as you tell from our pictures. During the 15 minutes I used the time to tidy up, better to do it as you go along. We then rolled out the dough and began starting to cut out our Christmas baubles. Although I do have to admit I rolled them too thick and I thought we did have a Gingerbread Man shape. Oops a daisy.

Once in the oven and baked we got our piping bag, a mug and chocolate. Top tip: when melting chocolate to pipe a design. Pop the piping bag inside a mug fold down the top around the mugs edge.  Add the chocolate and put in the microwave in 10-15 second increments until melted using a teaspoon handle to stir the chocolate in the bag.If you don’t have a bag use a zip lock storage bag, just make sure it is cleaned out first.

D also really enjoyed this bit, I mean who wouldn’t squeeze the bag and chocolate comes out! so we decorated our Christmas baubles with lots of yummy chocolate both white and milk kinds. I am also going to make sure we put a little hole at the top of some next time (These are being made for Santa on Christmas eve). Once they are dry we will hang 2-3 on the tree to have before going to bed for Santa coming!


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