Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventures this week #5

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Last week we had planned to go out and learn about autumn, but with the ex hurricane hitting the uk that got postponed. (But you can keep up to date on our projects page to see how we are getting on.)

While the horrid weather was here we played inside with D. We played with his puzzles which he is really good at and knows where most of the pieces go and claps for himself every time he gets one right which is really cute!. We also played with D`s instruments and sang songs. I think this was D`s favourite day this week. He learnt how to do “incy wincy spider” on his hands (now he will only do it for me and makes sure nobody is watching and I don’t have my phone.). He is also learning to sing “you are my sunshine” he can sing when skys are grey and don’t take my sunshine away very clearly!

This week we also went to visit family ( my granda and granny) where D had lots of fun with the toys and his cousin who had a light up green spider.

We then took D to granda’s where he stays every week. On the way there we started to learn about the autumn weather as we waited on the bus for nearly an hour and it was freezing. Right now I’m on my way to pick him up and find out what he’s been up to.


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