Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventures This Week #20

This week has been very much different to last week.  We have been able to relax a little more than last week.

On Monday we got to go clothes shopping!  D got some money for his birthday and with that we got him a good amount of clothing suitable for spring/summer time.  As D is still too small for 2-3 years it will be another while before he can wear most of it. Which is why it’s mostly summer clothing.

Tuesday was eventful for Daddy and D. Tuesday evening was the first time on almost a year that Daddy and D spent a few hours just them so that mummy could have a break (well I was doing some work for a friend). It went better than I thought it would but in the end it made Daddy very ill. So it will probably be another year before we try again. 

Wednesday was the only day we all stayed in the house playing games and dancing around together. Having a nice relaxing day!

Thursday was our weekly long walk and family visiting time. D can now tell us how to get there from half way! 

On Friday daddy went back to nanny’s while me and D stayed at home tiding up the house.

Today we spent the day going to D’s other nanny’s for a while and coming home.

How many adventures have you had this week?


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