Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventures This Week #21

Boy this week has been a whirl wind! We had lovely weather all week and tried to take advantage of it as much as possible! We tried to get out every day. 

Sunday was mother’s day, I hope all you mothers had a great day! We had decided to go visit a museum.  This is my idea of a great day. You can read about our visit here. After our trip we came home and I had dinner made for me! A very very rare occurance. To finish the day we all watched a family film before bedtime. 

When Monday came we had to go do our shopping trip as it would be very busy on Tuesday.  We managed to get half finished when D started to sneeze, repeatedly for 5 minutes. D thought he was hilarious but we quickly left that shop. By Monday night D looked sick, he had dark rings around his eyes,  too hot and too cold all the time and coughing and sneezing. 

By Tuesday morning D was still sick with a pretty bad cold but he just didn’t seem to care. We avoided the parade for St Patrick’s Day that we had planned to attend and instead went to visit Nanny. We had a great day together. 

Wednesday was the only day we hadn’t planned to go anywhere but in the end we went for a lovely long walk in the sunshine.  With the rest of the day day reserved for playing!

Thursday was as usual a day for visiting family. We had other plans but they had got cancelled so we went off to visit nanny again and we all enjoyed ourselves. 

Friday was spent relaxing,  although the weather wasn’t bad yesterday it wasn’t all that warm or sunny so we spent the day indoors.

Today we have took a little walk and now plan on doing not very much! 

We hope you all enjoyed this week as much as we have!


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