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Let’s Get Baking – Chocolate Nests

With easter fast approaching there’s going to be a lot of chocolate. Coming from a big family we got a Lot of easter egg’s which usually ended up leaving a lot of chocolate left over. So every year we would make chocolate nests.

I must say that this is the funnest and easiest recipe  to make.

All you need is:
Chocolate about 100g
Bun cases
Cereal- rice crispies, cornflakes or shredded wheat.
Mini eggs or something similar


Simply melt the chocolate over a pot or in the microwave in 15 second burts.

Once melted add the cereal, add a decent amount of cereal and mix until all the cereal is generously covered.

Once covered you can use the spoon to fill the bun cases.


Add the eggs on top and allow to dry.

That’s it! Enjoy!



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