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Meeting D’s Uncle for the first time!

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about D meeting his youngest uncle as it has been a while since he was around a baby that young and small. The last time he was really around someone his age was about 7+ months ago, we had told him many times to be very careful and to go easy.I had prepared myself to spend the day repeating myself with these words over and over again.

When Granny arrived she came in first, without a baby which we had told D she would have (she did). So D was trying to get past Granny while she was trying to get a hello and hug from D! The minute his Uncle entered the room that was it nobody else really mattered and D became his shadow for as long as possible. D was gentle and loved touching him! He kept saying hello and expecting his Uncle to reply (He does this to every baby he see’s)


D was very ‘hands on’ and loved getting to hold him (with help from myself and Granny). D managed to be extra good the whole time we where there. (No mean feat since his birthday I can tell you!) D was kind, caring, helpful and sympathetic to his Uncle.

Here’s a few pictures.


A wonderful day and he did eventually give Granny a hug (when we where leaving!)


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