Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventures This Week #24

Today We will be telling you about the last 2 weeks as we didn’t manage to do much last week;

The start of last week was spent at home or in the garden on sunny days where we all played together, we painted pictures, used stickers and read a lot of books. We even used some of D’s toy people to act in our stories which was a massive hit with D.

On Thursday we left the house earlier than normal and headed into town to pick up a few bits and pieces before Daddy and D headed up to nannies and I went to meet my sisters.

Once we met up it was time to head to Disney on Ice! I was expecting it to be a show made just for children (I forgot I am a big child at heart!) I was rather surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

Here’s a few pictures (about 5% of what I took).


D ended up getting sick on Friday which lasted to this Tuesday so we spent all of the weekend at home until he felt better. By Wedensday we where all pretty sick of being at home so we decided to go to for a picnic and a lovely long walk! We did have lots of fun!


Here’s some of the pictures we took of the beautiful flowers.


Thursday we went to Nannies, Granny’s and Granda’s we also went to D’s Aunts. We all enjoy this time every week where we do our big walk and see many of our family members. D always has someone to play with or toys he likes to use while we are there!

Yesterday we spent the day watching movies and cooking as a family while it rained outside!


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