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I set Myself a Challenege

This month I am determined to get back to the blog so I have set myself a challenge I have never attempted before. The challenge is to Post every day this month. I am not sure how this will go but I am determined to do it. So we will have lots for you read this month and at the end of the month I will post an update on how I think it has went.

I will be trying to incorporate as many posts as I can into this and instead of posting at 12pm each day I will aim to post at 12am each morning so I will not postpone on writing the post! (Kind of scaring myself!). Now if there is something you love reading about on the blog then please tell me you would like to see more of it on the blog and I will do my best to add some more of this content this month.

Now not all pf the posts will have a lot of writing as I am planning to do a #My Sunday Photo every Sunday and linking up with One Dad 3 Girls

Depending on how this month goes I may look into posting daily or just more often after this month but I have to see how this goes first!

Wish me luck!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!


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