This Sunday we are linking up with One Dad 3 Girls for #MySundayPhoto. I have never participated before but I do plan to in the future.

This week our photo is not an amazing scene, A beautiful face or an active photo but it is this:

Feigning Innocence

I have chosen this photo as there is a story behind this, not everything is as it seems. This is a lovely image of me and D at 7:30 AM after a very long tiring night of 40 minute naps for D and no sleep for me. Seconds before and seconds after this photo D was hitting me in the face with that dummy. An act he found hilarious any time I said ‘owch’ or had a reaction. He is peaking at me in the image and not long after he was laughing a bit like a hyena! So although this photo is not perfect, it is one I will look back on, a special moment of D feigning his innocence and that morning after a long night seeing his smile and laughter as his eyes lit up.