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Today I will be linking up with Dear Beautiful Boy for Me & Mine. I love that this will motivate me to take picture’s of us all as a family together. It has been around 2 + years since I was in a family photograph! This is pretty bad and although I have pictures of myself and Simon, I have some of myself and D too but I do not have one of us all or with Uncle L either!

I am going to try to get these post photo’s as we do activities as a family which we do a lot so hopefully we will have a few to share next time!

Last night we all played a game of monopoly. Even D got involved and was helping me by rolling the dice. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a family photo. This was a lot harder than I thought to get as D was too interested in rolling his dice! Here it is:


As you can imagine I was the first one out and Simon  won! He always wins, every single time! I must say Uncle L did last a good while. As you can see Simon was just winning by miles..


We had a 4 hour game and the time just flew by. I think we all really enjoyed spending time together and that in itself with a teen and a toddler is an achievement in my eyes!

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