Let's Get Cooking..

Let’s Get Cooking.. Stuffed Peppers

I have been trying to get D involved more in making our dinner’s and although there is only so much you can make with a toddler we have been pretty successful so far. We now have a few recipes that are toddler friendly and we are having a good ratio of what we all eat.

Uncle L doesn’t like these so he didn’t participate with us. We are making some stuffed peppers the toddler friendly way.

What you will need;

  • Chicken (already cooked, we bought some from the shop that you use in sandwiches for an easy and fast dinner.)
  • Peppers, any colour. You need 1 pepper for every 2 people.
  • Cheese (any kind you like)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Tin foil
  • Oven tray
  • Scissors ( preferably child friendly)
  • Bowl


To get started first make sure you have all washed your hands! Once everyone has clean hands place a small square of tin foil in front of each participant ( You will not want to wash every dish you would require and this is easy for children to help clean up!) Once everyone has what they will need you then need to push in the stem of the pepper before pulling it out and remove all the seeds by tapping on the tin foil before using your hands if required. Be careful not to take too much of the pepper out with the stem.


Once your Pepper is seed free you will need to rip it in half (literally). Place your thumbs on either side of the inside top part of the pepper and pull! they do not need to be the same size. Place your peppers inside your tin foil lined oven tray.

Fold away your tin foil making sure you get all of the seeds and bits of pepper. Now you can lay a smaller sheet between 2 children and put some chicken down on top. You will need to rip the chicken into small pieces and leave on the tin foil which can be moved out of the way.

Next you need your bowl and scissors to cut up your tomatoes. Do this by making a small snip in the top of the tomatoes before you cut them up into smallish chunks. This is D’s favourite part, he knew it was coming too and was very impatient to get there!


Now to put it all together! Bring your tray containing your peppers back and start by adding your chicken pieces into the peppers, add the tomatoes on top and finally finish with your cheese. Cover with some more tin foil.


As you can tell D does not like the feel of tomatoes!

Pop them in the oven at 180 oC for around 10 minutes and you are ready to eat! These are perfect with some pasta and salad or would go great with some chips. You can even enjoy them alone as a  quick healthy lunch. I think these are a great meal for this time of year with how easily they could be made into Halloween themed characters like Frankenstein, a pumpkin or A witch.

Do you get the kids involved in cooking meals?

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