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My Sunday Photo – Sculpture

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going by, it feels like only yesterday I found the #MySundayPhoto link up and now it is week number 3! We are again linking up to One Dad 3 Girls for this wonderful link up. This week I wanted to share with you a photo of something different in our beautiful city and although there where some lovely pictures from this week, I chose this one.


I didn’t just choose this picture just because I liked the bright lights in the dark sky but because this week I also learned the meaning of this sculpture. When this sculpture first went up it was the talk of the city, nobody understood what this was or why it was there. There is no explanation near the sculpture nor is there a name.  This sculpture is 123 ft high and 98 ft wide ( it really is huge! ), it is located on a busy roundabout at a junction on the motorway in Belfast.

The sculpture is called Rise and is the work of Wolfgang Buttress and the representation of the sculpture is the rising of a new sun which is to signify the beginning of a new Belfast. What better reason do we need to light our city in a new light?


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