Everything Else

A Quick Update

Good evening guys, I am just giving you a quick update. I have had a lot going on this week and I have barely sat down to write this post. I have a lot to catch up on and a few things I need to do before I can put another post up. I apologize but I must put our family life first for this week and I will try to put up our normal Saturday and Sunday posts this weekend but until then I won’t have much time to sit down and write.

I have tried really hard to keep posting daily and I do have posts that are half wrote but I want to have the time to sit and finish all the posts that I have before I publish them on the blog. I would like to do this as I do very much enjoy putting quality into each post as best I can.

We should be back to posting as normal from Saturday and I will try to publish all out posts at 12am everyday except on Saturday which might have to be later in the day due to getting time to sit down. I will start on Saturdays post tomorrow evening to ensure that even if I am restricted to time that I can get it all written up for Saturday.

Sorry guys and enjoy your week!



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