Competition Wins

November 2015 Competition wins

So last month was a bit of a bust in the competition department. There was so much going on that I just didn’t know where to find the time which meant that I didn’t. I am surprised I won anything to be honest. However I did still win two competitions neither have arrived yet so I cannot show you a picture. 

First up I won a selfie stick and an advent calendar from Total Merchandise on Facebook

And I won a pair of scissors from Sew! Magazine which I am really excited about! 

I can’t tell you any more about the products until they actually arrive but I will share pictures in next month post for you to see.

It is now December and that means it is time for the advents!  The advents are daily competitions run throughout December in the run up to Christmas. This is the busiest time of year for competitions and so I have my fingers crossed for lots of wins this month! Wishing you all lots of luck.


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