Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventure’s This Week

 bfor writing blog posts. In actual fact there has been more than one post a day wrote for the blog. I have been scheduling posts to uplload and writing every few days. Once I started this on Sunday night everything was fine. I went on again on Wednesdaydiscover that not only had my posts not went public but they where gone. This has happened before but it quickly rectified itself and I had to write everything again. I sat on Wednesday and wrote the days post.  I decided to try again and started writing the posts from Monday and Tuesday Then I was locked out of wordpress for 2 days. I only got back on there now to check if I could get in. I am hoping to get some posts written up tomorrow and I will post these daily myself without using the schedule option’ I just now have to hope this work. I am writting all our posts on my phone and tablet as the laptop broke the other week. I do think this is the root of my problem and I will try to fix it as soon as I can. Please do bear with me though as with Christmas coming up it is becoming harder to sit down and just write!

The week started off with D getting sick./ He slept through most of Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday D was feeling better and we spent the day playing games and having family time. I loved the time we spent together this week.

Thursday was a very busy day. We visited granda before we did a small ammount of shopping before we headed to a Christmas party which D loved! There where a few children for Dto play with and the lady D spent most of the day playing with his cars with was the same one as last year. He had a lovely time and was more than ready to relax by the time we got to nannies. We didn’t stay long this week as we had one more very important visit to make before we got home. It was time to visit Santa!

D was fantastic this year and was more than ready tosit with Santa and say CHEESE! We got a lovely photo which you can see below.


Finally yesturday we got to making some cookies! They didn’t quite go right and tasted more like cake with salt added! (YUK!) so I am trying again today.

 How has your week been?


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