This week we have had some lovely sunny days, finally! That can only mean one thing, that spring has truly arrived for us. Don’t get me wrong we have had some sunny days before now but then it pours down for a week, this week has been pretty much sunny skies daily. We have been taking advantage of that and going out somewhere everyday, even if we are just out for a quick walk.


On Friday we went to a lovely park with lots of open space and tree’s for a picnic with one of my friends. D was so excited to discover everything as we haven’t been there in a while now. I couldn’t resist a few tree pictures on our walk to the picnic spot. This one above is my favourite, although it is slightly out of focus in places I think that just adds to the branches. I love how they are all separate in themselves but look as though the trees are reaching out to each other and entwining themselves. I liked the spectrum of colours in the picture too. The brown, cream and white trees along with the ivy covered trees. For me this picture sums up the beginning of spring.

We had a lovely day and enjoyed our picnic despite the dogs that kept interrupting us. D thought it was hilarious and they did no harm. We spent a good hour sitting there enjoying the sun while D ran around discovering all the things he could find.

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