Yep. It’s time for My Sunday Photo. This week I took a lot of photo’s but in the end I choose one that I didn’t take. Don’t worry I didn’t take anyone else’s work from online. Our photographer this week has been D! He is surprisingly good at taking photos for a 3-year-old.

This came about on Wednesday morning when instead of waking me up like he normally does D decided it was the perfect time to get my phone and take some pictures of his own! He took a whole lot of pictures and even figured out how to get the camera on my phone to take pictures in black and white.

Most of the picture’s D took where of  one of his favourite books. He also took picture’s of my room, walls, bedding, pillows and of me sleeping.Usually when D takes photos they turn put very blurry or so close up that you can’t really tell what the subject is. Well that or he takes phone of the ground and ceiling. He has never really took photos that you can see or tell what they are!


The picture’s he took of his book where very close up and where surprisingly good. However I did choose a picture he took of me sleeping as I love the angle and how well he did in taking the picture so clearly. You can see so much detail with my very messy strands of hair and honestly they all make me very proud of him!

In a world where everything has become so very technologically advanced being creative is expressed in so many new ways. Photography has been around for much longer than today’s technology but it has become so much more advanced now with all our software for editing and much better camera’s with even better quality of photos. I mean each of us carries around a camera in our pockets or bags daily. we are always near a camera and most likely on some form of camera footage or photos many times a day.  I like that D is starting a relationship with photography already and I hope that he continues being creative in which ever way he chooses.

I love that D is picking up on my love of photography and is enjoying taking his own photos.

Do your kids take photo’s on your phone?

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