Me and Mine

Me and Mine May 2016

We have had a really great month filled with sunshine and lots of family time. I tried taking family picture’s of us all together a few times but none really worked out and eventually I choose one that wasn’t great but was one of the best we got.


We spent the day at our local maritime festival on the bank holiday Monday earlier this week. There was so much to do and see! We met all kinds of people and on the way home I managed to snap a few photos of us all together. The sun was in our faces and D was being his usual funny self. It was a great end to such a fun day and that is why I chose this picture above the others. We spent the day going from one place to another, our feet were sore, it was hot but we had fun and barely noticed everything else!

This month I loved:

  • Sewing again
  • Getting out in the sun
  • Having pretty flowers in the house
  • Family movie day
  • Playing tag your it every time we leave the house.


This month Simon has loved:

  • Getting new comfortable shoes for walking
  • Water fights in the back garden
  • Getting inside Army vehicles
  • Splashing in the paddling pool with D
  • Watching Britain’s got Talent final with the reunion performance


This month D has loved:

  • Playing in the paddling pool
  • Playing tag your it everywhere we go
  • Getting into a giant sand pit and playing with sand properly
  • Discovering lady bugs and looking for them anywhere he thinks they might be hiding (like his bed!)
  • Playing on the arcade dance machine with Daddy and coping all of his dance moves!


As always we are linking up to Dear Beautiful for the Me and Mine Project. You can visit the blog by clicking on the badge below.

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