My Sunday Photo – Reflection

This past week has been eventful, we’ve had a mix of long days out and days in cuddled up on the sofa too. It’s been filled with fun and adventure. I took a pretty good amount of photos this week but I knew that one in particular would be our #MySundayPhoto the moment I saw it when looking through the photos after our day out.


This weeks photo was taken when D and I got on a train to go visit one of my friends who had recently had her first baby. D was so excited all morning, not only was he going to see a little baby but he was going to go on a train! D loves trains more than any other toys, if there’s an option to watch anything about trains he’ll take it. He even enjoys waiting on the bus so he can watch when a train goes past on the nearby tracks!

D was very interested in watching as the world speed past the window. I managed to catch a few moments of that joy and excitement in photos that we can look back on and this one just stood out to me. I like how the green tree’s blend and blur as the train went by. How that caused the reflection of D’s face to show in the window. I also like the way that D is leaning on the small ledge with his arms crossed.

What have you been up to this week?


We are linking up to Darren over at Photalife for #MySundayPhoto, you can visit Darren’s blog and check out the other Sunday photos  by clicking on the badge below.



22 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Reflection

  1. Ah I love this photo, I bet he was loving every minute of the trip, small things like train journeys are huge when you are small aren’t they? x

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    1. They’ve never been very exciting for me but in Northern Ireland the best mode of transport is by bus. So getting the train is a rarity for us. I must say seeing it through D’s excitement put a new perspective on getting the train.
      Thank you for hosting.


    1. Thank you. I think the trick is to take as many pictures as you can in a small period of time. We where out on a sunny day and had lots of thick greenery on our journey. I hope you get a good shot soon!


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