Competition Wins

What I’ve Won January and February 2017

When it has come to comping this year I didn’t really find my stride or love of it coming through in January and actually I barely managed to enter anything. I just didn’t want to sit around waiting to see what I could win and I didn’t want to put in any effort. I did enter a few if I seen them and was in the mood but in general I just wasn’t feeling it. This is actually pretty normal among compers in January when the advents have ended and there isn’t really that much around. It does mean that this post is going to be pretty short! I did still have two wins to start the year off though!


I won a copy of the DVD Thomas & Friends, The Great Race, The Movie along with 3 of the new die-cast models of some new characters in the film. This was a win from a children’s magazine that I had entered back in November! It was a fab win and I didn’t manage to get a picture of the three trains as D was not willing to wait before he could have them. This prize was actually one I could cross off my comping wish list as Thomas toys and items are always on their thanks to D’s love of the show. Both the toys and the DVD are used on a regular basis so they are certainly well-loved!

My second win was some lovely lip glosses which I won over on Twitter from @GOSHUK. It was a follow and retweet competition where I really had to do just that! I also tweeted them  about how lovely the shades are and that they are perfect for spring. I was quite surprised when I won to be honest as I always enter the competitions from GOSH. I am still waiting for these to arrive but I am following them up at them moment and hopefully they will arrive soon.

February was much different and although I did seem to find my ‘mojo’ again I didn’t actually win anything. I enter a pretty good amount although it was certainly not back to my normal amount in a day but I am starting to get there and am trying pretty hard to ensure I do as much as I can in a day without it changing time I spend doing family things or housework etc.


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