About Us

Hi there!

Welcome to our little corner of the world-wide web. Where we call our online home. You can find all of our loves, likes, adventures, daily life, opinions and some other bits thrown in for good measure. 

My name is Tammy, I am a mum to one although sometimes I do feel there are two children if you count daddy.  I love reading a wide variety of books, drawing, baking, taking walks with D and Simon and ice cream (Who doesn’t love ice cream?!). I do also enjoy drinking coffee, writing, comedy and watching a little TV. 

My wonderful little boy D was born in March 2013.He is growing up so fast! The things that D loves do tend to change quite regularly but there are a few which stay on top of the favourite list. These include Thomas the Tank engine, Sweetcorn, Puzzles, Bath time, Reading both novels and children’s books. He likes baking with us, chocolate, playing fights with daddy, trains, dogs and getting tickled.

I am currently expecting our baby girl who is due to join the world in July 2017!

Daddy is called Simon but will probably just be called Daddy when I write. Simon enjoys playing the Xbox, watching you tube, digital design, tea, anime, Esports, Monday nights, Spending time as a family and walking. He also likes motorcycles, parkour, reading, writing, drawing, tattoo, piercings, music – all genres, punk style clothing and learning fast songs. 

We are a PR Friendly blog. We are happy to review baking items, toys, technology, clothing, house hold items, Crafting and books, gaming products, computer software, beauty items, food items or service and we would consider new product you might like us to try. We always provide open, honest reviews and you can contact us by using our contact us page.

I hope you enjoy visiting us. You can always subscribe to updates at the bottom of any page if you’d like to know when we post anything new. Well let’s get started then!


We love hearing from you! Leave us a reply below.

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