My Sunday Photo {19/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 19-11-2017.JPG

This past week Baby S hit 5 months old, as per usual we had her monthly mini photo session for some photos with her milestone card. Straight after she was playing with D’s Mickey Mouse toy and making faces as me. Of course with camera still in hand I couldn’t resist a few shots. I just love this one!

It is certainly one for putting in our albums.








My Sunday Photo {11/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 12-11-2017.JPG

Last weekend we took a trip to our favourite museum. We do visit regularly (Once or twice a year) and every time we do it is a hard job to get D past this display case. The only case in the whole of the museum which contains a whole host of dead animals. Yes they’re all dead in a museum, I know. These however are dead animals being.. Yep, you guessed it dead animals! Hung up to display how food was kept to stay fresh and dry out.

D loves this case and has to stop and talk about every animal! Despite the awkward and strange looks from every single parent who walks through to door directly opposite. Thanks to whoever decided this particular case must be placed right at the entrance. 

I just had to share his curiosity, here is asking what animal it is. I possibly definitely neglected to add in the dead part when we spoke about the fish..