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Rachel’s Organic Yogurt Review

One of the things I was still allowed to enjoy after developing gestational diabetes was yogurts and it just so happened I got contacted about reviewing Rachel’s Organic during this time so of course I had to give them a try!

Personally I had never heard of the brand and I had certainly never seen any of the products while out doing my shopping. Rachel’s Organic started producing yogurt in 1984 when Rachel experimented with a recipe which had belonged to her grandmother. It was also during that year that Rachel’s Organic was officially founded. This was after there had been a snowstorm two years before, during which they’d been forced to find alternative products that can be made from milk. Products like cream and butter. It didn’t take much longer for them to be stocked in major supermarkets. The brand now also makes desserts as well as their yogurts.

Rachel's Orgnaic children's yogurt

Their range of yogurts is extensive and they even make children’s versions in little individual pots! The children’s range is called ‘My First Yogurts’ and they are a multi pack of 4 yogurts. There are two different packs to choose from, one contains strawberry and banana while the other has raspberry and blackcurrant. Continue reading “Rachel’s Organic Yogurt Review”

TheraPearl Pals – Hot & Cold Therapy Review

Summer is well and truly on its way now and if last year was anything to go by then we are in for a lot more bumps and bruises now! With the hot weather we tend to get out a lot more and inevitably that means there are more accidents where children hurt themselves while playing. It happened to D a lot last summer (the sun seems to bring out his clumsy side!) so when I was contacted about TheraPearl Pals which are little animal shaped hot or cold therapy packs which are perfect for children I knew it was something that we needed to try!

TheraPearl Pals Instructions

TheraPearl Pals are designed with children in mind. They are little animal shapes hot or cold pads which can either be frozen in the freezer ready to be used as an ice pack or they can be heated in the microwave and used as a heat pad. The TheraPearl Pals have little pearl type squishy beads inside which are various colours (to match whichever animal they are made to be). The pearls are designed to retain the hot or cold temperatures for Continue reading “TheraPearl Pals – Hot & Cold Therapy Review”

Bean and Boy Baby Soap and Lavender Soap Review & Giveaway

One thing you might not know about me is that I do have a teeny tiny  obsession with all things bath related that smell good! I am not kidding. I have an extensive range of my favourite products which I rotate depending on the time of year, my mood and if I want an extra special relaxing bath (that one happens so rarely!). When it comes to soaps, shampoo’s and other bathing products I struggle with not getting more all the time.

One of the things I have struggled with over the last 4 years is finding good quality soaps and products which I can use on D. He does love smelling all the goodies hidden in my bathroom cupboard but he can’t use any of them! He has very sensitive skin and has done since he was born. Many of the soaps and products made for babies and children make his skin break out or make him uncomfortable with itching or other symptoms. In fact we have only ever came across one or two ranges of products which don’t! That is why when I was contacted by Bean and Boy about trying out their baby soap. I was delighted and really looked forward to the soap arriving! They did send me my own lavender soap which was perfect for me to try as I adore lavender!

Bean and Boy is a  family run business right here in the UK. Their journey to their natural handmade soaps all started when their daughter developed a mild form of eczema. They did a lot of researching and trialing soaps which would work for them all as a family. Through this process they did settle Continue reading “Bean and Boy Baby Soap and Lavender Soap Review & Giveaway”

Ravensburger 60 Piece Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle Review

Ravensburger 60 piece Endangered Animals Giant Puzzle

I am not sure about everyone else but in our house we love doing puzzles! D has always taken a great interest in doing jigsaw puzzles from a young age, at the moment he probably does at least one every day or two. He is pretty good and I have started to find that he only needs help with big puzzles or with ones which are a bit more complex and have similar pictures on the pieces. Otherwise he can do it himself either after the first try with a little help or from the get go. When I was contacted about reviewing the Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger. I just had to say yes! It sounded perfect for us and D adores animals so I was pretty excited Continue reading “Ravensburger 60 Piece Endangered Animals Giant Floor Puzzle Review”

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Review

If you are a regular reader of mine you will know that I have been making daily trips to one appointment or another for the last few weeks and in general these trips have been to my doctor’s surgery which is actually around an hour to an hour and a half away! So that has meant daily trips that can take up to and sometimes beyond 3 hours. During that time I usually do get hungry at some point and I will admit I haven’t been leaving prepared with snacks and have been eating whatever takes my fancy in the nearest shop. So when I was contacted about trying Taste Inc’s new 100% chargrilled chicken  fillets I got pretty excited! They sounded like the product I didn’t know I had needed.

Taste Inc are a brand of snacking products which are produced here in the UK and are a brand which put taste at the forefront of the products they create. They produce healthy snacks using sustainable sourced ingredients.

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled chicken fillet fridge packs

Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets are just that, a steamed and chargrilled mini chicken fillet in a small packet. They come in two varieties which are spicy and original. The spicy version has a peri peri marinade. Continue reading “Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Review”

Preparing for Education with Phonics School – Review

Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t believe that this time tomorrow D will have got through his first day of nursery! Those all important first days of both nursery and school are probably more daunting to us parents than they are for our children. Preparing for the start of education is a must in my eyes. Starting your children on the path to education and what they can expect from nursery and school can be achieved in many ways. Sitting down and talking about what they will be doing is a great way to start and D got really excited about learning what he will be doing each day. He will mostly be learning through play and making new friendships with his class mates.

Starting off the learning phase at home means your child can progress at their own speed and can get one on one help from you before they’re in a class of 20+ children. D, Simon and I have been completing little phonics based exercises for a few months now but without knowing what way the nursery and school will teach him can be hard! So when I was contacted about trying Phonics School  I knew this would be something of interest for now only us but all you Mums and Dads also embarking on the early years education journey.

Phonics school is a children’s television programme with the purpose of teaching children aged 3 – 5  about phonics and how to both read and write phonics in a fun way. The whole programme series complies with the current curriculum in place for  children aged 3 – 5  in schools and nurseries across the county. Each episode in the series focuses on one, two or three letters in the alphabet. The letters in the series are all called Phonikers and each Phoniker is named its phonic sound. The Phonikers all go to school where they learn all about themselves. They learn their phonic sounds, shapes and how to control their magic powers, each Phoniker can change into any object that starts with their own sound. In order to change back into their letter form they need to trace their shape. The programme has been developed by experts for the early years foundation stage and certified by the BBC for worldwide distribution. Continue reading “Preparing for Education with Phonics School – Review”

Child’s Farm Suncare Range Review

Now that we are well into the summer one of my main concerns about this time of year is skin damage from the sun. Children are at risk from sun exposure with softer and in D’s case more sensitive skin. Giving children the right protection is important for their health. I always want D to have sun cream on to protect him. I on the other hand need SPF more than anything else and actually went search for sun protection with a factor above 50. It turns out there aren’t many products out there but I did come across the Childs Farm Sun Cream and decided to get in touch with them about it. I was surprised when they got back to me and said we could review their Sun Care Range!

Childs Farm is a British brand which aimed to create safe, kind to skin bath products for children all over the UK. They want every child to be able to enjoy their products. Creating products using essential oils and all natural products mean even children with eczema are able to jump in the bath with their siblings and enjoy the same toiletries! No need for parents to spend time and money on all those extra products for different children. Childs Farm products are all dermatologist approved as well as being approved by pediatricians too so you know the quality you’ll get before you even open a bottle. All the Childs Farm products also have the Happy Skin Promise which is that they are suitable for children aged 6 months and above, while being made to suit the unique needs of children and babies hair and skin.All their products are free from parabens, SLS, artificial colours and mineral oils. They also contain 98% naturally derived products. With Childs Farm you know you are getting products that won’t damage you child’s beautiful skin.


I was surprised when we received the package in the post and opened it to find this cute little bag and also a bottle of their hair and body wash to try along with their Sun Cream and After Sun. The perfect holiday kit! Continue reading “Child’s Farm Suncare Range Review”

Claudi & Fin Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies Review

Summer is now in full swing and we seem to be going through ice lollies by the pack. Most ice lollies  aren’t great for you and can contain many additives we don’t really want our children having. When I was contacted about trying the Claudi & Fin Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies I knew that D would be excited to try them. Ice lollies without all  those bits in is what he needed summer. We’ve  recently been having Greek yoghurt over fruit and D loves it, it has become a favourite for dessert in our house over the last few weeks. I had heard of Claudi & Fin before but we had never bought them, mostly because I forgot to look for them!


Claudi  & Fin was started by Lucy nd Merial who wanted to create a healthy ice lolly for their children Claudia  and Fin after search for one that both tasted nice and was healthy for them. After months of trial and taste testing the recipe for Claudi and Fin was perfected and it was both delicious and healthy! The perfect combination for a children’s  treat. Their children lived and Sainsbury ‘s  loved them just as much.  So much in fact that they put them straight into their stores.


We got some vouchers in the post to pop by Sainsbury ‘s  and get our own lollies (sending them in the post would be a disaster! ). We set off the other Saturday for our trip to Sainsbury ‘s, D was super excited about getting some new ice lollies to try. When we found them in the freezer he refused to put them in the basket! Instead he carried the packs around the shop before he put them in the bag. He loved the box’s and their funky designs of lollies with faces. He kept telling  me  about their eyes and was making them talk while holding the box in front of his face. Continue reading “Claudi & Fin Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt Lollies Review”

HelloFresh Review

Planning, shopping and making family meals can be hard, especially when children know what they want and like. Trying new things as a family can sometimes feel stressful before you even start cooking! So when I was contacted about HelloFresh I knew it would be perfect for us and for our readers who get stuck in a rut when it comes to trying new meals as a family. HelloFresh even deliver to Northern Ireland! They are the first box of it’s kind that I have found can deliver here.

HelloFresh is a weekly subscription box service that takes all the stress out of meal planning, shopping and even the cooking of meals. Their head chef Patrick and his team create nutritious meals that are easy to recreate at home. They also make recipe cards with easy to follow, detailed instructions accompanied by pictures of each step to guide you. Then HelloFresh fills your box with fresh ingredients.

 HelloFresh has three different boxes each with their own recipe selection each week. The three different types of boxes are; Continue reading “HelloFresh Review”

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