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23 & 24 Week Bump Update Baby #2

23 week Bump shot - Baby #2

Week 23 – 

Baby – This week my little girl is about the size of a large mango (11.5 inches) and is now weighing in to be about 1.1 pounds! Continue reading “23 & 24 Week Bump Update Baby #2”

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Review

If you are a regular reader of mine you will know that I have been making daily trips to one appointment or another for the last few weeks and in general these trips have been to my doctor’s surgery which is actually around an hour to an hour and a half away! So that has meant daily trips that can take up to and sometimes beyond 3 hours. During that time I usually do get hungry at some point and I will admit I haven’t been leaving prepared with snacks and have been eating whatever takes my fancy in the nearest shop. So when I was contacted about trying Taste Inc’s new 100% chargrilled chicken  fillets I got pretty excited! They sounded like the product I didn’t know I had needed.

Taste Inc are a brand of snacking products which are produced here in the UK and are a brand which put taste at the forefront of the products they create. They produce healthy snacks using sustainable sourced ingredients.

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled chicken fillet fridge packs

Taste Inc 100% chargrilled chicken fillets are just that, a steamed and chargrilled mini chicken fillet in a small packet. They come in two varieties which are spicy and original. The spicy version has a peri peri marinade. Continue reading “Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Review”

Getting Diagnosed with Obstetric Cholistasis

If you have been following my weekly bump updates you will know that I have been having a problem with itching for the last 10 weeks (since I was 13 weeks pregnant) and it has been getting worse over that time. Since my 20 week anomaly scan with for our baby girl I have been having various bloods and liver testing/ scans done to find out why I have been so itchy. Up to this point there was no answer and almost everything was coming back at normal which was both a relief and a frustration as they can’t help fix something that isn’t showing up!

Well I have now been diagnosed with a rare pregnancy condition called obstetric cholistasis or sometimes refered to as OC for short. Obstetric cholistasis is a condition of the liver. This condition is rare with it affecting around 1 in 140 pregnancies in the UK.

Obstetric cholistasis is a serious condition that usually starts in the third trimester of Continue reading “Getting Diagnosed with Obstetric Cholistasis”

22 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2

22 Week Bump - Baby #2

Baby –

This week our baby girl measures around the same size as a spaghetti squash (11 inches) and now weighs about 1 whole pound! She is really getting big in there. 5 weeks ago she was only 5.1 inches! It’s crazy to think she will be growing much bigger over the next few weeks and months.

This week our baby girl is developing her senses. She’s got taste buds and nerve endings that are advanced enough that she can now experience how it feels to touch and although she is in a sack of water she can feel her mouth, fingers, tummy, legs and even her umbilical cord. It is strange to think she will be able to feel the textures of those areas. Continue reading “22 Weeks Bump Update Baby #2”

My Sunday Photo – I Push you!



What I’ve Won January and February 2017

When it has come to comping this year I didn’t really find my stride or love of it coming through in January and actually I barely managed to enter anything. I just didn’t want to sit around waiting to see what I could win and I didn’t want to put in any effort. I did enter a few if I seen them and was in the mood but in general I just wasn’t feeling it. This is actually pretty normal among compers in January when the advents have ended and there isn’t really that much around. It does mean that this post is going to be pretty short! I did still have two wins to start the year off though!


I won a copy of the DVD Thomas & Friends, The Great Race, The Movie along with 3 of the new die-cast models of some new characters in the film. This was a win from a children’s magazine that I had entered back in November! It was a fab win and I didn’t manage to get a picture of the three trains as D was not willing to wait before he could have them. This prize was actually one I could cross off my comping wish list as Thomas toys and items are always on their thanks to D’s love of the show. Both the toys and the DVD are used on a regular basis so they are certainly well-loved!

My second win was some lovely lip glosses which I won over on Twitter from @GOSHUK. It was a follow and retweet competition where I really had to do just that! I also tweeted them  about how lovely the shades are and that they are perfect for spring. I was quite surprised when I won to be honest as I always enter the competitions from GOSH. I am still waiting for these to arrive but I am following them up at them moment and hopefully they will arrive soon.

February was much different and although I did seem to find my ‘mojo’ again I didn’t actually win anything. I enter a pretty good amount although it was certainly not back to my normal amount in a day but I am starting to get there and am trying pretty hard to ensure I do as much as I can in a day without it changing time I spend doing family things or housework etc.

21 Week Bump Update – Baby #2


This weeks bump shot is a little different from the rest, I took this one myself so it’s at a strange angle and much closer too.

Baby – 

Now our little baby girl is measuring up to be about the size of a banana (10.5 inches) and currently weighs about 12.7 ounces. At the moment her digestive system is developing and she is starting to swallow some of her amniotic fluid and the sugars it contains are starting to get absorbed into her body. Her little body is starting to prepare for the time when she arrives and needs to get all those nutrients absorbed herself!

She is still small in there and that means that she currently has plenty of room to squirm around in and enjoy her movements. It won’t be too long before she starts to take up more of that space.


Me – This week has been pretty quite for me compared to the last few where I had a lot going on!   Continue reading “21 Week Bump Update – Baby #2”

A Letter to D – Your almost 4 Years Old

Dear D,

Life seems to be passing us by in a blur at the moment. Each time I find myself checking the date and really taking a minute to think about it weeks have passed! I want to just hold on to you and ask you to stop growing up so fast and just stay little forever. You are convinced that you will stay small forever and never grow up but that, sadly simply isn’t true. You also think that if you do grow up and get really big then you will grow so big you will break our house! It will have a great, big, ginormous hole in the middle and the rain will get in!

It has now been a year since I took the time to write down a letter to you and all that means is that I now have so much to tell you about! During the last year you have started becoming such an out going little boy who wants to be friends with everyone. You now have some good friends and the friendships you have made both inside and outside of nursery (Yes your started nursery!) seem to be strong. You have two ‘best friends’ who you get really excited to see. You love spending time with children of all ages most of the time but there are still some times when you will want to play alone.  Continue reading “A Letter to D – Your almost 4 Years Old”

20 Week Bump Update – Baby #2


We’re Half way through the whole pregnancy already!

Baby –  At the start of this week (Friday) we had our 20 week abnormality scan where we found out baby is a girl! We also found out that above all else she is healthy and doing just as she should be. We watched as the four chambers of her heart worked, seen her organs, watched as she moved, kicked, created a fist and even as she brought her hand up to suck her thumb. In fact we got the amazing close up scan picture above of her sucking on her thumb from a side view! I love this one, you can see so many of her features! During the scan we heard her heartbeat which is currently 158 beats per  minute, a large change since we last got a number at 7 weeks.

This week baby is roughly the size of a small cantaloupe (6.5 inches) and she weighs 10 ounces! During this week her skin will get covered in Vernix ( a waxy-like substance) and this will stop her skin from getting scratched.  Continue reading “20 Week Bump Update – Baby #2”

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