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Arts & Crafts – Chalk Paint

Now that we have got to the good weather we have been spending more and more time outside. While we where out in the garden one afternoon a few weeks ago D asked could he paint. We got everything out and D set to work making a lovely picture, in the process he spilt 2 tubs of paint over and painting the ground a lovely shade of brown. Painting outside is messy and even though he was using poster paint it ended up taking forever to wash away, every time I added water it made the paint run in all directions. After that I just said no and gave D some chalk to draw on the ground. The only problem was he didn’t want to draw. He wanted to use his paint brush and paint on the ground and walls outside.

I remember that during school we had used chalk and made it more like paint by adding water to the brush before rubbing on the chalk. It had got me thinking about making chalk paint and after a bit of talking myself into it we gave it a go. I don’t know why but I was convinced it wouldn’t work. I knew We would need water and various colours of chalk, I also knew that simply adding a full piece of chalk to some water wouldn’t work. That would simply make slimy chalk that was no good for anything. So I thought the best way to figure it out was to go back to the basics of paint. Paint is a powder that water or another liquid is added to in order to create the runny texture.


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Christmas Crafts – HandPrint Christmas Tree and Picture Baubles

This week we got to making a large handprint Christmas tree in our dinning room area. Now we are going to share how we did it with you. This would also be a perfect advent calender for young children and toddlers.

To get started we used

  • 4 sheets of A3 green card
  • 1 sheet of A4 red card
  • PVA Glue
  • Blue Tac
  • Green, Red and Yellow paint
  • Paper plates
  • A3 paper (any colour)
  • Scissors
  • Messy Mat

The first step is to attach the 4 sheets of green card to a wall and to draw a general triangle tree shape on the green card. I used a sharpie to do this but a normal pencil would be fine. I also added the red card and drew a pot shape on.


Once I had the general outline I got to cu Continue reading “Christmas Crafts – HandPrint Christmas Tree and Picture Baubles”


Christmas Crafts Paper Snowflakes and Wool bunting

We have been very busy doing these art’s and craft’s to show you all. As I said before I really want to have alot of our Christmas decoratitions this  year made by us. I enjoyed doing this weeks art’s and craft’s activities. Now let’s get started.

First up are the paper snowflakes, we are doing these first as these are extremly easy and I am sure many of you remember making these when you where younger. I love this activity as it is great for children to practice their cutting skills. The great thing about making snowflakes is that no two snowflakes are the same and with these paper snowflakes it is close to impossible to make two that are identical.

To get started you will need some paper and a pair of scissors. Yes, that is all you will need. You can use any sized paper you want and in any shape you want. We used regular A4 paper.

To start you need to fold your paper making sure your centre stays on one side and never moves (hypotheticly of course. It would be hard not to move it at all!) The easiest way to do this is to fold the page in half, then half again. Once you have a page folded into quarters you need to fold it into a triange by folding the rectangle in half keeping the centre parts together. You can work from that point or you can fold the triangle in half again and start from there. Once you have your paper folded you can get to making it into a snowflake shape. You can leave it as a rectange or the original  shape of the paper. Change the shape by cutting the end (Not the centre) into what ever shape you would like.

Time to get making your snowflake different. Now that you have a general snowflake shape you can get cutting to make it different from anything else. You can make the original snowflake shapes yourself before getting the children involved if you like. To make your snowflake have a design or to add the holes you need to cut various shapes of all different sizes out of the sides of the snowflake. You can also cut the centre if you like. You need to make sure you don’t cut it up into small pieces by leaving gaps between each piece you cut out. This will make the snowflake stay together. D really enjoyed the cutting part as he could do it all by himself and he could do whatever shape of cutting he wanted! He did only seeem to like cutting slits into his snowflakes but that is fine.



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Crafty Christmas – Wrapping Paper and Hand-print Wreaths

Now that everything is Christmas around here we are starting our list of Christmas themed art’s and craft’s to do with the kids. We will be doing Two activities in one post every Monday. We have lots of fun activities planned and have been enjoying making these two for you. This week we are making some homemade wrapping paper and hand-print wreaths. Both activities are pretty easy to do and are perfect for toddlers and older children alike.

First up we have our hand-print wreaths which are really easy and simple to make. To get started you will need:

  • Paper
  • Green Paint
  • Red Paint
  • 2 Paint trays
  • Card cut into a ring
  • A messy mat
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue


Now that you have everything you need you first need to make lots and lots of green hand-prints. D really enjoyed making them as he got to get paint all over his hands and splat it onto the paper! Uncle L not so much. He hated the feel of the paint and spent the whole activity complaining about the feeling of paint. I thought everyone loved hand-print / finger painting! You also need to make a few red finger prints which will be berries on the wreath.


Once you have finished with your painting you will need to let them all dry. Ours were left overnight to dry. Every surface in the house was covered in green hand-prints!

The next step to complete once the hand-prints are dry is to cut them all out in their hand-print shapes. They don’t need to look perfect, I like the fact the D’s and Uncle L’s have some white showing through as it shows we made them and nothing is perfect, right? Don’t forget to cut out your berries too.


D really enjoyed getting to cutting, although he did only cut one hand-print into tiny pieces! He did enjoy trying.


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Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventures This Week #36

Sorry that we are posting late today, I was super busy yesterday with getting everything ready for today! We have had a really busy week this week! We have been trying to do so much Halloween related activities to keep D and Uncle L busy during the half term week.

We started our week on Monday with a good deal of baking our Pumpkin Pie and getting crafty with our Spider Trick Or Treat Bags. If you missed our posts on how to do them you can click on the links.You can also find out how to make the Halloween skittles. The boys really enjoyed doing these and where quite proud of the outcome!

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Halloween Craft Ideas – Spider Trick or Treat Bags

So guys Halloween week is definitely upon us with lots of activities to go out to and keep the children entertained. However as not everyone enjoys long days out during the half term break there are still plenty of activities you can do at home to keep the kids entertained and happy. If you missed our first post on Halloween Craft Ideas/Activities you can find it by clicking on the link.

Over the weekend we got crafty again with make two things I think you might like to try. The first activity we got to doing was making some spider trick or treat bags out of some paper plates. I am not sure where I came across this one but I remember seeing it in a Halloween activities google picture search and I thought these would be great for D and Uncle L to make during Halloween week. We are hoping to get some trick or treating done on Halloween but if the weather is bad we won’t be participating so I will just put a few things inside these for them both.

Okay so now on with the making of some spider trick or treat bags. To get started you will need;

  • Paper plates ( We used plain white ones. You can use any you like and black would work best but remove some painting fun.)
  • Black poster paint
  • Brushes
  • Paint pots or use one of your paper plates
  • Pipe cleaners ( 6 per bag)
  • Googly eyes ( Large ones seem to look best)
  • A tablecloth or mess mat to keep the area clean from paint and easier to tidy
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Cup of water to wash brushes

To get started once you have everything all set out and ready to go you can get started! The first thing you will need to do is paint your paper plate black. You can really just let the kids go at it here as after all it won’t need to be perfect. D and Uncle L do like to get artistic every once in a while, D wasn’t to bother about how his overall black turned out looks wise. He was more interested in how many times he could make his brush move up and down without needing new paint! Uncle L on the hand was very interested in making sure his plate was fully covered in black paint and that it was all pretty even. This picture is from our first attempt that Daddy threw out by accident as they didn’t dry for 2 days so we tried the new way of keeping as one plate and painting before cutting.

We put our plates Continue reading “Halloween Craft Ideas – Spider Trick or Treat Bags”


Crafts for Kids – Halloween

Well Halloween is very fast approaching and with that will come the half term holiday! What are you planning on doing with your kids this half term?

We have spent a bit of time recently doing some different crafts to share with you for some idea’s this half term.

We started with a pack I picked up from Poundland which was pretty good. It was a kit to colour your own balloons. Here are the bits below.

The back of the package.

The Pack contains 8 balloons in black, green, white and orange, 3 colouring pencils and 2 sheets of stickers for colouring in.

colour your own balloon's package

To use the kit you first need to colour in your chosen face/ features stickers. We did use some of D’s colours along with those from the pack for some added variety.

You will need to Continue reading “Crafts for Kids – Halloween”

Our Adventures This Week

Our Adventures This Week #9

Well maybe not really many adventures, more our Christmas week. Yes Christmas has now been and gone, the most magical time of year has ended. (I am making myself sad!) This past week has been all about magic, Christmas and a birthday!
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Get Crafting For Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away now and with all children now finished school for the holidays we are all looking for ways to keep them occupied whilst we finish our cleaning. 
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