My Sunday Photo {03/12/2017}

 My Sunday Photo 03/12/17







My Sunday Photo {26/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 26-11-17.JPG

This past week we’ve been so busy doing pretty much everything from appointments to celebrating Simon and I being together for 10 years, yes 10 years! We’ve all caught some kind of bug too which hasn’t helped. However last weekend before all the craziness began I spent an extra hour lying in bed with D and Baby S being incredibly cute together. Luckily I had the camera nearby, and caught a few lovely shots of them both bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Sunday Morning.

I think this will be making it on to my list of favourite photos of them together.







My Sunday Photo {19/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 19-11-2017.JPG

This past week Baby S hit 5 months old, as per usual we had her monthly mini photo session for some photos with her milestone card. Straight after she was playing with D’s Mickey Mouse toy and making faces as me. Of course with camera still in hand I couldn’t resist a few shots. I just love this one!

It is certainly one for putting in our albums.








My Sunday Photo {11/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 12-11-2017.JPG

Last weekend we took a trip to our favourite museum. We do visit regularly (Once or twice a year) and every time we do it is a hard job to get D past this display case. The only case in the whole of the museum which contains a whole host of dead animals. Yes they’re all dead in a museum, I know. These however are dead animals being.. Yep, you guessed it dead animals! Hung up to display how food was kept to stay fresh and dry out.

D loves this case and has to stop and talk about every animal! Despite the awkward and strange looks from every single parent who walks through to door directly opposite. Thanks to whoever decided this particular case must be placed right at the entrance. 

I just had to share his curiosity, here is asking what animal it is. I possibly definitely neglected to add in the dead part when we spoke about the fish..




The Children

The Siblings Project {October}

It has already been a month! D and Baby S are still learning all about each other and witnessing their progress is something to behold.

The past month Baby S has started to take much more interest in D and what he does. D has certainly noticed and is more than happy to show her all he has to play with. Although D would really love it if she would play with his toys too. (I think the day she does will be the best day of his life so far!)

Around the  middle to end of last month I set up Simon’s green screen stand and attached one of our muslin swaddles to it as a make shift back drop.This was an effort to take advantage of the one area of really good light we get. It was all set up when D came home from school and I got some lovely shots of them both while they talked, posed, giggled and Baby S even tried eating D!

The Siblings Project {October} - Together. Continue reading “The Siblings Project {October}”

Me and Mine

The Me & Mine Project – September

It has been a long time since we last joined in with the Me & Mine link up. Too long I think and now that we are a family of four I really do want to remember to get family photographs and have photographs with me in them. It may only be one every month but it is much better than having none!

D's picture of our giraffe family

While I was pregnant with Baby S, D and I would do lots of art together. We did a lot during the weekends and over school holidays. One of these little art sessions D made this lovely little picture of a family of giraffes. Me, Simon, D and a little baby S in my tummy. Two big adult giraffes and two small children giraffes. It is just so cute! Continue reading “The Me & Mine Project – September”

The Kids

The Siblings Project – September

I have always loved reading posts from blogs I love doing their monthly The Siblings Project. Hearing all about how their siblings are doing together, the ups and down and all the adorable photos which accompany them. I have been a bit excited to join in! I kept forgetting over the last few months and I am delighted that I have remembered this month.

D and Baby S have had 3 months together now with most of that time being at home since D finished pre-school just 2-3 weeks after Baby S was born and has only gone to school this past 2 and a bit weeks.

Baby S and D's first meeting

D has been smitten with her from the moment he met her in the hospital and sang her the same song as when she was in my tummy. I was almost in tears! It was the magic moment of their first real hello and I will forever remember how special it was. Continue reading “The Siblings Project – September”