Project 365

Project 365 – Week 6

4th February {Day 35}

Project 365 - Day 35

5th February {Day 36}

Project 365 - Day 36

6th February {Day 37}

Project 365 - Day 37

7th February {Day 38}

Project 365 - Day 38

8th February {Day 39}

Project 365 - Day 39

9th February {Day 40}

Project 365 - Day 40

10th February {Day 41}

Project 365 - Day 41

It has been a long week, D woke up on Sunday acting pretty odd. He didn’t want to do very much just lay up on the sofa with a blanket. We knew something was wrong when he suddenly stopped wanting to eat after one bite. If you knew him you’d see big red flags flying up around his head at the mention of not wanting more. It seemed he caught a bug which came and went over and over again. He would feel fine and suddenly have no energy and not want to eat then he had an abundance of it! We mostly spent the week inside and off from school.

I only managed to snap one or two pics on Monday and Tuesday so I had to add those in. One is a beautiful picture we got from a family member at Christmas. Isn’t it adorable? The other is of my slimming World Super Speed Soup which had to be kept in pint glasses after I completely forgot I had dumped all our containers last week and hadn’t bought more, oops! 

I must say as relaxing as it was to stay at home I have missed getting out and about. Even just doing the school run and getting some air. I am looking forward to getting out and doing things next week.

How has your week been?



Project 365

Project 365 – Week 5

28th January {Day 28}

Project 365 - 28-01

29th January {Day 29}

Project 365 - 29-01

30th January {Day 30}

Project 365 - 30-01

31st January {Day 31}

Project 365 - 31-01

1st February {Day 32}

Project 365 - 01-02

2nd February {Day 33}

Project 365 - 02-02

3rd February {Day 34}

Project 365 - 03-02

It is officially February! This week has been busy! Daddy got a new tattoo last Saturday which meant we needed some photos to share of it! We remembered in the very early hours of Sunday! Since we barely sleep now.

We have entirely switch our living and dinning room areas around in an attempt to actually use more of the space. The actual moving of furniture happened on Monday, a big perk of our new layout is that the living room is bathed in natural daylight for a good period in the  morning and afternoon now!

Generally the rest of the week has been all about enjoying the new space and slowly sorting through everything that we had to take out of the rooms like boxes, storage units and toys. Other than our usual shopping trip that is, D found some pretty awesome looking Star Wars cars which he obviously had to have! I love the Yoda one! We are now ending this week with D being ill, we are’t sure what is up just yet but he’s got a high fever and just wants to lay around watching TV. Poor little guy.  Hopefully it won’t stay around long, I feel so helpless when they are sick!


How has your week been?



Project 365

Project 365 – Week 3 & 4


14th January

Project 365 - 14-01

15th January

Project 365 - 15-01

16th January

Project 365 - 16-01

17th January

Project 365 - 17-01

18th January

Project 365 - 18-01

19th January

Project 365 - 19-01

20th January 

Project 365 - 20-01

I have fallen a little behind with posting our Project 365 over the last few weeks. I have been keeping up with the daily photos so I thought I best catch up. I will be doing a lot of that over the next week too! The start of this third week of 2018 was rather relaxed, at home and getting used to our normal routine of naps, playing, bedtimes and all the little daily things we do. Come Tuesday and I really did need some time to relax, just me. I found a little time to do just that, a hot bath with some candles and a hot cup of coffee. Just what I needed! The rest of the week was pretty go, go,go. Baby S had fun discovering these amazing lights during a sensory play day at Mums and Tots on Wednesday. I managed to only snap a few photos of items we will be reviewing later this week. Check back to see what we have though of the Piccolo baby food range. Friday and Saturday we ended up being out all day since my mum was visiting. The weather was dreary and pretty miserable but we had a lot of fun anyway and got some outdoor photos.


21st January

Project 365 - 21-01

22nd January

Project 365 - 22-01

23rd January

Project 365 - 23-01

24th January

Project 365 - 24-01

25th January

Project 365 - 25-01

26th January

Project 365 - 26-01

27th January 

Project 365 - 27-01


The last week of January and I have been in complete denial that we are a month into the year already! It seems that 2018 is going to fly past just like 2017. Most of this weeks photos ended up being quick snaps taken on my phone, which doesn’t have a great camera. We are finding out feet again when it comes to our usual daily and weekly routines. It’s still bloody freezing outside and we ended up staying home a good bit this week. Wednesday was a big day, a very tiring one, Baby S has been really iffy about sleeping at night for a while now but it’s got to the point where I we are still awake at 3am! D has now decided he no longer likes to sleep either and since Wednesday has been waking to start the day around 4:30am! The end of the week ended up being pretty tiring even if we managed to get out. Saturday was actually pretty exciting, we got to go for a photo shoot with both children and got all types of photos. I was delighted as it was a prize which I won! I cannot wait to see how they turned out.



Project 365

Project 365 – Week 2


7th January

Project 365 - 07 Jan

8th January

Project 365 - 08 Jan

9th January

Project 365 - 09 Jan

10th January

Project 365 - 10 Jan

11th January

Project 365 - 11 Jan

12th January

Project 365 - 12 Jan

13th January

Project 365 - 13 Jan

This week has been much more relaxed compared to the first week of January. Much of the week has been spent at home. We’ve been starting to get back into a daily routine with school back properly now. Both D and Baby S have had a lot of fun playing both together and individually. This week seen our highchair arrive for Baby S and her first taste of Simon’s cooking, a real hit as you can see! This week also marked the first time Baby S slept through! Well kind of, she slept from around 2:30am through to 9:30am. Much of the weekend has now been spent playing and enjoying our time as a family since it has been freezing and miserable with snow forecast for next week we wanted to stay in while we could

How has your week been?




My Sunday Photo {26/11/2017}

My Sunday Photo 26-11-17.JPG

This past week we’ve been so busy doing pretty much everything from appointments to celebrating Simon and I being together for 10 years, yes 10 years! We’ve all caught some kind of bug too which hasn’t helped. However last weekend before all the craziness began I spent an extra hour lying in bed with D and Baby S being incredibly cute together. Luckily I had the camera nearby, and caught a few lovely shots of them both bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Sunday Morning.

I think this will be making it on to my list of favourite photos of them together.