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The Siblings Project – September

I have always loved reading posts from blogs I love doing their monthly The Siblings Project. Hearing all about how their siblings are doing together, the ups and down and all the adorable photos which accompany them. I have been a bit excited to join in! I kept forgetting over the last few months and I am delighted that I have remembered this month.

D and Baby S have had 3 months together now with most of that time being at home since D finished pre-school just 2-3 weeks after Baby S was born and has only gone to school this past 2 and a bit weeks.

Baby S and D's first meeting

D has been smitten with her from the moment he met her in the hospital and sang her the same song as when she was in my tummy. I was almost in tears! It was the magic moment of their first real hello and I will forever remember how special it was. Continue reading “The Siblings Project – September”


My Sunday Photo – 10/09/2017

#MySundayPhoto - 10/09/2017



#MySundayPhoto – Sibling Love


Sibling love

#MySundayPhoto – Itty Bitty Hand

#MySundayPhoto Itty Bitty Hand


My Sunday Photo – Around & Around

Around & Around - My Sunday Photo


My Sunday Photo – I Push you!



My Sunday Photo – A Little Jug of Love

It has been many months since I joined in with the #MySundayPhoto link up and I thought it might be time to get back to it as I always love finding that one photo to share every week. So much so I could take many extra photos just to be sure I had one I would love!

We have taken many great photos this past week with so much having happened. I wasn’t sure which I had wanted to share until I remembered about D’s lovely little photo session on Valentine’s Day while we sat in Cafe Nero for a little break during our rather busy day. D had got inspired and he took some beautiful photos.


That is why I choose one of his photos of the beautiful little jug of red roses that sat on our table and seemed to inspire D to take his photos with his new little hedgehog friend Hank (a new teddy) which we got him for Valentine’s Day.

As always we are linking up with Phot A Life for #MySundayPhoto


My Sunday Photo – Dancing Fountains

This week while we where on our way to the local Royal Mail office to pick up a package we walked past the dancing fountains in town. D wanted to watch as this is the first time we have seen them this year. We sat down on the bench and waited for them to start. Once they started D was amazed and I took the time to take a few photos. The fountains where beautiful and though they where simply water squirting up in the air they did look so pretty going through their programmed routine. After we got to D’s Nannies I had the chance to go through the photos and the minute I saw this I knew I had found this weeks photo.  Continue reading “My Sunday Photo – Dancing Fountains”

My Sunday Photo – Cool Dude

On Thursday we deviated from our usual route to Nannies and ended up walking past some beautiful street art. I wanted to get some pictures of D beside the bright whimsical wall with the intention of brightening up our picture frames but I can’t help sharing one as this weeks My Sunday Photo.


Towards the end of my picture taking I was paying attention to where D was more than what he was doing and I actually didn’t notice Continue reading “My Sunday Photo – Cool Dude”

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